Interactive Displays

Interactive displays

Interactive Displays

Simply AVS is a leading supplier of interactive displays and touchscreens into education, and we work with leading brands such as Promethean, BenQ, Viewsonic and Optoma.


Our team have the knowledge and experience to help customers design, select and integrate technology solution and equipment to best meet their needs.


About the screens:

The use of interactive touchscreens, especially in the education sector, has grown exponentially and they have become a valuable tool to collaborate and share ideas in a classroom and workplace environment. The popularity of this technology has been driven by improvements in performance, reduction in price and increased choice. The advanced touch technology and synchronous writing performance that these interactive screens have are the main reason as to why these are so crucial in a learning environment. Children can learn effectively from touch, which is why we believe its important that they are given the opportunity and the resources to do so.

These interactive screens bring technology to life with Ultra HD 4K resolution, delivering a richer and sharper image compared to outdated whiteboards, still in some classroom environments. The intuitive interactivity of these interactive displays means that they work faster, smarter and harder for all of your needs. Not only are these displays perfect for a classroom, they are also the perfect addition to an office/corporate environment.

Technology in the recent climate:

The change from in-person to online meetings during the Covid-19 lockdown meant that teachers, students, office workers and more have had to use technology to stay in touch. Technology has proven to be very valuable and essential at a crucial time like this, giving more reasons as to why it should be appreciated. The increase in working from home has meant that Zoom and Teams meeting had become the new normal and technology became more important than ever for students to keep learning, teachers to keep teaching and office workers to have their meetings.

Whilst teachers were using Zoom from their isolated classrooms, collaboration and interactive whiteboards played a huge part in connecting with the children and delivering an effective learning experience. The tools that the interactive displays were able to give both teachings and office workers meant that they could seamlessly connect their laptop to the display and present an informational and meaningful presentation.

Interactive Displays in the recent climate:

Interactive displays are adapting to changes in a work and school environment, and here’s how! The BenQ interactive screen has a germ-resistant screen with ionic silver coating that kills germs on the surface of the screen. This is a perfect and innovative way of keeping classrooms interactive and safe at the same time. Not only can you enjoy everything the interactive displays have to offer, but you can also keep yourself protected and avoid spreading germs while doing so. This germ-resistant coating can also be used on public screens like shopping centre maps.

What if I don’t have an interactive display?

Not to worry! If you don’t have an interactive screen, then our business can still apply to you. If you have a whiteboard, we can still offer our support and guidance as to how you can use your projector and whiteboard in conjunction with one another.

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