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Here at Simply AVS, we supply AV equipment to support different environments such as: retail, corporate, education, healthcare, museums and more. We take pride in the fact that we can inspire students to be innovative and supply high-quality technology to environments that need it the most.


Our team have the knowledge and experience to help customers design, select and integrate technology solution and equipment to best meet their needs.

AV Solutions:


Simply AVS provide an excellent AV installation service, and we can install anything from large equipment like interactive screens, to smaller equipment like projector lamps and projectors. Our installation package is a successful, nation-wide service. We specialise in the installation of AV equipment in environments like classrooms, school halls and museums. Our team can offer expert guidance and advice throughout the installation process and can support you with any problems or queries you may have in the installation stage. Our installation engineers are highly experienced and have excellent knowledge of everything AV-related.

This installation process is easy and stress-free when our team can fit, install and advice on all AV equipment. Contact us now for more information or to book an installation.


We want you to know that we’ve got you covered from advice, installations, and demonstrations. Our team offer product specific demos as a nation-wide service. Whether you’re in the process of re-deigning a classroom or making your boardroom the perfect environment for meetings, we can help you get your space ready in no time! We will show you everything you need to know from easy fixes if something goes wrong to understanding how your equipment functions.

Our demonstrations are completely free of cost and designed to help educate you on new, AV technology. Experience what Simply AVS have to offer in full, with a personal demo, just for you.

Contact us now to book a demo.


From school classrooms and school halls, to boardrooms and museum exhibits, we can provide our installation service wherever and whenever. We can replace your outdated smart boards with the newest technology which will inspire new teaching and a new way of learning. Even down to small installations like projector lamps are important for maintaining a working environment and we strive to keep you teaching and inspiring your students. And what about the whiteboard in your boardroom? We can replace that with the newest 4K technology, offering you a new and immersive technological experience, leaving you and your colleagues feeling inspired and motivated to conquer the day!

 We aim to part of a bigger movement of transforming education and engage learners through technology. Supplying also to healthcare institutes and museums allows us to spread the importance of technology further, and to share our knowledge of how AV equipment can transform your spaces for the better.

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