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Simply Lamps have now rebranded as SimplyAVS - allowing us to showcase all the audio visual products we can supply at the same amazing prices.

New Website October 2021

Welcome to our new website! We thought it was time to upgrade our Simply Lamps website to improve customer experience and make sure we were mobile optoimised. If you have any difficulties with our website please do get in touch.


Projector Filter Codes 30 Jul 2018

There are many thousands of projector filters available and in most cases they have a unique code number, for example the Hitachi Filter NJ22222 fits several Hitachi Projectors and has its own individual code. Other filters have 2 codes, a good example is the Epson Filter V13H134A45, which is more commonly known as an ELPLP45.


In certain cases some filters have multiple codes and there is a range of Panasonic Filters that have three, or more, code numbers. There are usually many reasons as to why a filter has ended up with more than one code number and in Panasonic’s case it’s partly due to them taking over Sanyo a while back. The result of this takeover was that they added a Panasonic Filter Code to most existing Sanyo Filters. Along with this Sanyo Projectors were often rebadged as other brands, such as EIKI & Christie and so the Sanyo Filter was given a Christie or EIKI Filter code as well.


This means that the Sanyo POA-FIL-080 filter, for example, is also known as a Panasonic ET-SFYL080 and an EIKI 610-346-9034 Filter. Finally it’s sometimes referred to as a Christie 003-003084-01 Filter!


However no matter what filter code, or projector model, you may have we have an extensive cross reference list and so know exactly which filter goes into which projector. So if you’re having any problems finding the correct filter for your projector then just contact Simply Filters & we’ll be able to find it for you.


AV Cables 30 May 2018

We are a leading UK supplier of a variety of Audio Visual Products & Accessories including a wide range of Cables & Connectors. We aim to supply the highest quality cables and peripherals to the discerning customer for the most competitive price available.

Included in our extensive cable range are Networking, Multimedia and Computer cables. To find what you’re looking for just click on the Product Range Headings to see the full selection. Some of our cable offerings include Cat5 cables, HDMI Cables, VGA Cables, DVI cables, USB Cables, Power Cords, Speaker Cables, Coaxial Cables and Optical Cables.

We also have an online catalogue available just click the Cable Catalogue button on the website to see some of our extensive range in greater detail. Finally you can search for the item you want by using the search box.

However if you cannot find the product you need then just call us free on 0800 043 1871 & we’ll find it for you.

We offer a next day courier service for all items in stock as standard. However as there are numerous cables and accessories for AV signals please check the specification of each product to ensure it matches your requirements before ordering.


New Epson and Panasonic Filters 20 Apr 2018

We've added some new Epson and Panasonic Filters this month.

The ELPAF41 Epson Filter is now available for the following Epson Projectors: EB-1985WU, EB-1980WU, EB-1975W and EB-1970W. This filter is also known as V13H134A41. We’ve also added the 2155721 Epson Remote, along with the ELPLP77 / V13H010L77 Epson Lamp which fits these projectors.

For the Panasonic range we’ve added the ET-RFF200 Panasonic Filter which fits the following Panasonic Projectors PT-FZ570, PT-FW530 & the PT-FX500. There is also an ET-LAEF100 Panasonic Lamp available.

Discontinued Filters: Both the Hitachi Filter NJ09452 & the Panasonic Filter TKNE062-1 have been discontinued by their respective manufacturers.

Important news about Audio Visual Cables & Connectors in next month’s release!


March 2018 Epson Filter News 07 Mar 2018

Good News! We have added four new Epson Filters this month.

The ELPAF53 Epson Filter is now available for the following Epson Projectors: EB-1795F, EB-1785W and EB-1780W. This filter is also known as V13H134A53. And we’ve added the 2177002 Epson Remote for these Epson Projectors which also works with the Epson EB-1781W projector.

Also added this month is the ELPAF52 Epson Filter which fits an Epson EB-L25000U Projector. This Epson Projector takes 3 ELPAF52 filters.

The Epson Filter, ELPAF41, has been added to fit the following Epson Projectors: EB-2265U, EB-2255U, EB-2250U, EB-2245U, EB-2165W, EB-2155W, EB-2140W, EB-2065, EB-2055, EB-2040, EB-X550KG and the EB-X500KG.

Finally we have the new Epson Filter, ELPAF49, which works with the following Epson Projectors: EB-670, EB-675W, EB-680WI, EB-685WI and EB-695WI. This filter is also known as V13H134A49.

We stock projector lamps for all the Epson range, along with Original Epson Remotes


Sanyo Filter 610-346-9034 09 Feb 2018

There is a wide variety of Sanyo Projectors and many of them take individual air filters. Some however take a common interchangeable filter, such as the Sanyo 610-346 9034 Air Filter. This Auto Rolling Filter fits the following Sanyo Projectors: PLC-WM5500, PLC-XM100, PLC-XM100L, PLC-XM150, PLC-XM150L, PLC-ZM5000, PLC-ZM5000L.

The filter unit is manufactured by Panasonic and it’s designed to also fit some Eiki & Christie Projectors. As it is used in more than one brand of projector it has more than one product code, so along with 610-346-9034 it’s also known as POA-FIL-080, ET-SFYL080 and 003-003084-01.

We also supply Projector Lamps & Projector Remotes for the above projectors.


Hitachi Filters 2018 12 Jan 2018

We’ve just added the UX37191 to our extensive range of Hitachi Filters. This fine & course filter set, which also includes the cover, will fit the following Hitachi Projectors: CP-AX2504, CP-AX2505, CP-AX3005, CP-AX3505, CP-AW2505 & the CP-AW3005.

We also stock the HL03033 Hitachi Remote Control which works with this range of projectors, along with the DT01511 Hitachi Lamp that also fits the CP-AX2504.


Epson Filters & Remote Controls 18 Oct 2017

The ELPAF45 Epson Filter is now available for the following Epson Projectors: EB-5535U, EB-5530U, EB-5520U and EB-5510. ELPAF45 is also known as V13H134A45.

We can also supply an Epson Remote Control (2179358) for the above projector models. If this remote is out of stock then we always have plenty of Universal Remote Controls (SMK-Link VP3720) in stock for next day delivery.


New Panasonic Filter, ET-RFV410, Added 06 Sep 2017

We’ve just added a new Panasonic Filter to our range, the ET-RFV410. This projector filter fits the following Panasonic Projector models: PT-VZ585N, PT-VZ580, PT-VW545N, PT-VW540, PT-VX615N & finally PT-VX610.

We also stock a replacement projector lamp for these projectors, the ET-LAV400. Along with the replacement remote control, N2QAYA000088. This Panasonic Remote Control also works with the following Panasonic Projector models: PT-VW530, PT-VX600, PT-VZ470 and PT-VZ570.


Epson Filter Additions August 2016 15 Aug 2016

This month we’ve added a filter for the Epson Powerlite 3010 projector, this takes an ELPAF38 (V13H134A38) Epson Filter.

Other filters added include the NP01FT (24TC3471) NEC Filter which fits both the NEC NP-300X projectors.

Finally we now stock the RS-FL01 Canon Filter which goes with a Canon WUX6010 projector

If you own a Canon projector then we’ve just introduced a range of Canon Projector Remotesshould you need to replace yours if it’s been lost or damaged.


New Hitachi Filters 05 Jul 2016

New filters have been added to the Hitachi Filter Range. These include the UX38241 Hitachi Filter which fits the CP-WU8451 & the UX38242 filter which fits the Hitachi CP-WU8461

Along with new Hitachi Filters we’ve also introduced our first Samsung Filter. The BP63-01157A will go with the following Samsung Projectors: SP-L255, SPL-305, SP-L335 & finally the Samsung SPL-355

Next time we will be looking at additions to the EIKI Filter range along with a new Epson Filter. And we will soon be launching a range of Epson Remote Controls for all models of Epson Projector.


New Sony Filters Just In 15 Jun 2016

We have recently expanded our stock of Sony Filters and now have filters available for the VPL-CS5 which takes a 4-090-088-02 Sony Filter. We also now supply filters for the Sony VPL-CX70 & VPL-CX76 projectors. Other Sony Filters added include the X-2188-463-1 which fits the VPL-FH300 & the VPL-FW300 and the 2-590-165-01 Sony Filter which goes with the VPL-CX21 & the VPL-CS21.

Finally we now can supply the 9-885-118-23 Sony Filter which is compatible with the following Sony projectors: VPL-EW5, VPL-EX50, VPL-EX5, VPL-ES5, VPL-EX70, VPL-BW7, VPL-EX7 and VPL-ES7.

We will shortly be adding some more Hitachi Filters & launching our new Projector Remote pages.


New Filters for May 2016 11 May 2016

We now have the following Sanyo Filters available for these projectors: Sanyo PLC-XE50, PLC-XL50 & PLC-XL51. Also new in is the 610-308-3551 Sanyo Filter (910-308-3552) which fits into the Sanyo PLC-SW30 projector.

We’ve just introduced the ET-EMF510 Panasonic Filter into our range, this filter is used with the Panasonic PT-DZ16K projector amongst many others.

Finally we now stock the 387577701 Sony Filter which is used in the following projectors: Sony VPL-HW10, VPL-HW50ES & VPL-VW80. Along with the VPL-HW15, VPL-HW20, VPL-HW55ES & VPL-HW40ES.


New Epson Filter Additions April 2016 13 Apr 2016

This month we have added filters for an Epson EH-TW7200 projector. This projector takes an ELPAF39 Filter, also known as V13H134A39.

A new filter has also been added to our wide range of Epson Filters. The ELPAF46 (V13H134A460) filter fits the following Epson projector models:












Differences between Compatible Projector Lamps and Original Manufacturers’ Lamps 04 Apr 2016

There are currently four main projector lamp types available: Manufacturers’ Genuine Original Lamps, Compatible Lamps, Copy Lamps and Counterfeit (fake) Lamps. Initially we’ll compare the features & benefits of the first two types, but we’ll also cover the other categories at a later date. Please note that in audio visual terms a projector lamp is made up of a bare projector bulb encased in outer chassis.

Genuine Original Lamp

These lamps are the same as the lamps originally supplied with your projector and as they are made by the projector manufacturer they are identical in every way. All aspects of the lamps’ performance are exactly the same as the lamp you’re replacing.

Compatible Projector Lamps

True Compatible Lamps contain an original manufacturers’ bulb inside a compatible housing. Both the lamp life & lamp hours are identical to the original lamp as compatible lamps use an identical bulb. As a compatible chassis is used then cost savings are available and so these lamps are usually 10- 20% cheaper. All projector manufacturers source their bulbs from the four leading bulb manufacturers: Osram, Philips, Ushio and Phoenix. If you buy a compatible lamp from a reputable supplier then these lamps will contain genuine bulbs from one of these companies, this means that there is no compromise on quality. Reputable projector lamp manufacturers, such as Diamond Lamps & Go Lamps, guarantee that the lamps they use are sourced from these four bulb suppliers. However other lamp suppliers may source their bulbs from an unauthorised supplier and so lamp life and brightness cannot be guaranteed. If this is the case then the lamps you are buying are, in fact, copy or counterfeit lamps and these lamps don’t necessarily have the same life or brightness as originals, or compatibles.

There’ll be more information regarding Copy & Counterfeit Lamps in a future article.


More Sanyo Filters 24 Jan 2016

We have Sanyo Projector Filters for many different Sanyo Projectors and we are adding to the range on a monthly basis. This week we have added the Sanyo PLC-XU78 projector which takes a 610-334-8110 Sanyo Filter. The following Sanyo projectors take a 610-333-9290 filter: PLC-WXU30, PLC-WXU3ST, PLC-XU101 & PLC-XU111. This filter also filte the following EIKI projectors: LC-WB40NLC-WB42, LC-XB40, LC-XB41 & LC-XB42.


Sony Filters 11 Jan 2016

Some Sony projectors need their filter cleaned or replaced at regular intervals. Simply Filters has just started stocking the Sony 319778801 Filter which fits the following projector models: Sony VPL-CX100, VPL-CX120, VPL-CX125, VPL-CX150, VPL-CX155 & finally the Sony VPL-CW125 Projector.

We also now stock the Epson Filter ELPAF08 for the Epson Powerlite 76C Projector, along with the NEC Filiter 24FT9721 which fits both the NEC NP1000 & NP2000 projectors.


More Hitachi Filters 06 Jan 2016

We have a wide range of Hitachi projector models that we hold stock of filters for and we are adding more models & filters sometimes daily

The most recent models added the Hitachi CP-WX410, CP-X401, ED-X31 & ED-X33 projectors , which all take a MU05611 filter. This filter also fits a 3M WX66 & X76 projector.

Also the Hitachi CP-X4020E which takes a MU06641 filter. The CP-S2015WN, CP-X2515WN, CP-X3015WN, CP-X4011N, CP-X4015WN and ED-X45 projectors which take a MU06481 Hitachi Filter. Finally the Hitachi CP-WX645 & CP-X809 which both take a MU05661 Filter, this filter will also fit an Infocus IN5108 & IN5110 projector.

The following projectors all take a Hitachi Filter NJ09702: CP-HS2050, CP-HX1085, CP-HX2060ACP-X335, CP-X3350, ED-S3350, ED-X3400 & ED-X3450. This filter also fits a 3M X55 along with the Viewsonic Projectors, PJ502, PJ552 & PJ562.

New Projector Filters 04 Dec 2015

The importance of keeping your projector filter clean cannot be overstated. Here is an extract from a Sanyo Projector manual relating to Sanyo Filters

The air filter prevents dust from accumulating on the surface of the optical elements inside the projector. Should the air filter become clogged with dust particles, it will reduce cooling fans’ effectiveness and may result in a build-up of internal heat and adversely affects the life of the projector.
Do not operate the projector with the air filter removed. Dust may accumulate on the optical Elements, degrading picture quality. Do not put anything into the air intake vents. Otherwise it may result in malfunction of the projector.
We recommend avoiding dusty/smoky environments when you operate the projector. Usage in these environments may cause poor image quality. When you use the projector under dusty or smoky conditions, dust may accumulate on the lens, LCD panels, or optical elements inside the projector degrading the quality of a projected image. When the symptoms above are noticed, contact your authorized dealer or service station for proper cleaning.

Due to these problems we have a range of Sanyo Filters along with other filters manufactured by Panasonic, such as Christie Filters & EIKI Filters which are ideal for preventing dust problems.

Recently we have added Sanyo Filters for the following Sanyo Projectors: PLC-XU73, PLC-XU70, PLC-XU84 & PLC-XU87 which all take the following pair of filters 610-323-2416 & 610-323-1860 We’ve also added Panasonic Filters for the following: PT-LZ370U, PT-AE7000U & PT-AE5000E which all take a TXFKN01RYNZP projector filter and a PT-AE900U which takes a TXFKN01VJY7 projector filter.


Panasonic Filter News 02 Nov 2015

This month we have a couple of new additions to the Panasonic Filters we currently stock with the Panasonic PT-AX100 & PT-AX200 projectors taking a TXFKN01VK03 filter. We also now hold the following filter set: H518PC12G041 Left Filter & H518PC13G041 Right Filter, these are for the Panasonic PT-TW330E, PT-TW240E & PT-TX300E. 


Epson Filter News. 02 Nov 2015

We've added Epson Filter ELPAF47 (V13H134A47) to our range of Epson filters that we hold in stock. This filter fits the following Epson Projectors: EB-520, EB-525W, EB-530, EB-535W & EB536W.

Next month we hope to have news of some of the more obscure Canon Filters along with some 3M Filters and Sony Filters.


Hitachi Projector Filters 13 Oct 2015

We currently supply and stock more than 40 different Hitachi Filters which fit over 500 different Hitachi Projectors and we have just added the following two models to this range. Hitachi CP-EX400 takes a UX238851 filter and the Hitachi CP-RX80 uses the popular NJ26302 filter.

We also stock all the NEC Filters that are currently available and this now includes the NP02FT filter which fits the following NEC Projectors: PX700, PX750 & PX800

Next month we will have news for both Panasonic Filters & Epson Filters.


Sanyo Filters 07 Aug 2015

We currently have the widest range of Sanyo filters available from stock and we have just added another Sanyo filter, 610-351-7834, to this vast range. This filter will fit both Sanyo PLC-WL2500 & WL2501 projectors.

Our most popular part, the 610-346-9034 filter,  fits a large variety of projectors including the Sanyo PLC-XM100 & PLC-XM150 units. These filters are also known as a POA-FIL-080 in some regions and ET-SFYL080 in others.

We also have a comprehensive range of Sanyo filters that are included in the box when you buy a replacement lamp. It’s very useful to have a back up if the filter gets damaged before the lamp has completed its full life cycle. Or if you buy a compatible lamp such as a Diamond or a Go Lamp which are both currently supplied without a filter. You can generally buy a compatible lamp and a spare filter from us and still save money compared to buying an original lamp.


Christie Filters 29 Jun 2015

We have a vast range of Christie Filters in stock and have recently added filter code 003-002119-01 which fits the following Christie Projectors: LX400, LW400 and LWU420.

Simply Filters also stock many popular Christie Filters such as: 003-003084-01, 003-001726-01 and 003-002003-01 which fit a whole variety of Christie Projectors. We also supply some of the more unusual Christie Filters such as Fog Juice Filter Kits 118-100105-01 for smoky atmospheres


Hitachi Filters 28 Apr 2015

Simply Filters are pleased to announce that we have just released our first compatible filter to fit a range of Hitachi Projectors.

Our Simply Compatible Filters use the same materials as the original, but as we control the production we can supply them at less than 50% of the cost of the existing Hitachi Filter.

Our UX36761 filter will fit all of the following projectors: Hitachi CP-X9ED-X50ED-X52, CP-X2020CP-X2521WNCP-RX94, CP-X2020ZCP-WX8CP-X2021WNCP-X10WNCP-X11WNCP-X2520CP-X3020CP-X3021WNCP-X8CP-X7 and finally the Hitachi CP-RX78 projector.

We will endeavour to save you money by releasing more compatible filters throughout the coming months.


Panasonic PT-VW340 series 30 Mar 2015

We've added a brand new Panasonic Filter, ET-RFV300 which fits the Panasonic PT-VW340 projector series. This range includes the PT-VW345NZVW340ZVX415NZVX410Z and finally the PT-VX42Z.

Check back soon for details of another new Panasonic Filter, the ET-RFV400 filter for the PT-VZ570


Epson Filters Price Reduction 16 Feb 2015

We've just lowered our prices for Epson Filters by over 20% across the range. Plus we've increased our Epson stock holding, so we'll be able to deliver the filter you urgently require by next day courier delivery.

This month we've added another filter to the Epson range, with the ELPAF29 fitting an Epson EB-925 Projector.  It will also fit the EB- 915W, EB-910W, EB-905, EB-900, EB-96W & EB-95

Further Sanyo filters have been added for the following Sanyo projectors: Sanyo PLC-XU106, PLC-XU106K and PLC-XU1060.


Viewsonic Filter M00008041 now in stock 17 Jan 2015

Simply Filters has just added the following Viewsonic Filter: M00008041 which is suitable for use in the following Viewsonic  Projectors : PJ758, PJ759 & PJ760. Also added this week is Epson ELPLP13 (V13H134A13): which fits an Epson EMP-X52 and finally the Panasonic TXFKN01VKF5 which fits the Panasonic PT-AE1000, PT-AE2000, PT-AE3000 & PT-AE4000. Check back soon as more projector filters are added daily.


New Sanyo Filters Added 30 Nov 2014

Simply Filters has recently added more projector filter brands & models to expand the range available. We've now included a Sanyo Filter, 610-336-3189, for the Sanyo Projector PLV-Z4000. This Projector filter also fits four other Sanyo models: PLV-Z2000, PLV-Z3000, PLV-Z700PLV-Z800. Sony Filters are also a new addition to the website. We now supply projector filter PK-HS10FL which fits the following Sony Projectors: VPL-HS10, VPL-HS50, VPL-HS60 & V500. Another Sony filter now listed is the PK-HS1FL, this fits Sony Projectors VPL-HS1, VPL-HS2 & VHP-HS3. Lastly the projector filter X21777281 is now available for Sony VPL-AW10 & VPL-AW15 projectors. More projector filters will be added shortly, so check back soon.


Pansonic Projector Filters 27 Oct 2014

Projector Filters: Most projector problems are caused by dust.

A dust-clogged filter reduces the cooling effect, and dust that accumulates inside the projector can lower both image quality and brightness. Ceiling-mounted projectors are often less frequently maintained because they're not easily accessible for cleaning. In fact, it's hard work just to carry a ladder around to all of the projector sites in a large building to carry out maintenance for ceiling-mounted projectors. Also, maintenance can be done only during certain time slots between lectures or after the Filter cleaning is essential for stable projector operation. The Panasonic PT-F300 SeriesPT-D6000 Series and PT-DZ8700 & PT-DZ110X Series with the Auto Cleaning Panasonic Filter do not require projector filter cleaning or replacement for about 10,000 hours. The models equipped with the Auto Cleaning Robot (PT-DZ12000 & PT-D12000) do not require filter cleaning or replacement for about 2,000 hours.
All models feature a Micro-cut filter that prevents the entry of any lint and particles larger than pollen. And the optical block is sealed. In addition, the projectors are designed for dust resistance, enabling Panasonic projectors to maintain their initial performance for a very long time.
The ACF (Auto Cleaning Filter) automatically winds the projector filter and cleans its surface when the clog sensor detects dust and at preset time intervals. The ACR (Auto Cleaning Robot) removes dust from the air filter using a brush every time the projector is turned on. 


New Epson and Hitachi Filters Added 14 Oct 2014

Simply Filters have just added the following Hitachi Filter: NJ22632, which is suitable for use in various Hitachi Projectors, such as the NEC PJ-TX300.
Also added this week is Epson Brightlink projector filter which uses the following Epson Filter: ELPAF34 (V13H134A24).

We currently supply the following Hitachi Filters: UX39551, UX38841, UX38242, UX38241, UX37191, UX35971, QD60122, NJ27422, NJ22642, NJ22222, NJ20922, NJ20642, NJ09702, NJ09452, NJ08292, NJ08081, NJ06131, MU08321, MU08331, MU07791, MU06642, MU06641, MU06481, MU06351, MU05661, MU05611, MU04951, MU03642, MU03602, MU01691, MU01461 along with the new filter NJ22632, but please call or email if you can't find the one you require.

Check back again as more projector filters are added daily.


Projector Filters 24 Oct 2012

Many of the new projectors currently on the market now come with far superior filter than was supplied a few years ago. The reasoning behind this is really very simple, lower maintenance time and lower cost of ownership. A dirty projector filter will make the projector run hotter and might cause the projector bulb to burn out prematurely. It used to be recommended that the filter was cleaned at least once every 3 months using a vacuum cleaner or similar, however if the projector's environment was particularly smoky or dusty, then it may have needed cleaning on a much more regular basis, such as monthly. The result of cleaning the projector filter regularly may result in additional months of use from your same projector bulb and so saving money in the long run.

With some of the new filters as favoured by PanasonicSanyo and Christie Projectors you do not need to clean them at all as they automatically advance to a new position every time the projector is used. Depending on the environment these filters last for 3,000 to 5,000 hours and are easily replaced as they come in cartridge form.

Some of the current projectors on the market that use this type of filter are models such as the Panasonic PT-D6000. This projector uses an ET-ACF100 filter and an ET-LAD60W projector lamp. Another example is the Sanyo PLC-ZM5000, which takes a 610-3456-9034 Sanyo filter & a Sanyo LMP136 lamp. Lastly the Christie LWU505 projector has a 003-003084-01 filter and a 003-120507-01 Christie projector lamp. All these lamps and filters are currently available to purchase from Simply Lamps.


Vivitek Launch Qumi Q5 HD Pocket Projector 05 Sep 2012

The Qumi Q5 is the first projector with a web browsing feature. Qumi's touch sensitive button controls and sleek design is ready to be used with a variety of devices, including, but not limited to digital cameras, laptops, smart phones and tablets. Vivitek's Qumi projector is versatile and portable enough for both work and play making it ideal for sharing digital content. The Q5 is also available in five trendy colours and has the following features: Built in 2 watt speaker, it weighs less than 500g so easily portable, only 32mm high so easily fits into purse, briefcase or backpack. Assorted connectivity options, data can be displayed without a PC. Widescreen image up to 90 inches, 10,000 to 1 contrast ratio and 500 lumens brightness. As the Qumi uses led lamps that last 30,000 hours, they don't need replacing. However we cover a wide range of Vivitek lamps for conventional Vivitek Projectors. Along with Vivitek lamps we stock over 5.500 projector lamps for all projector manufacturers, such as Sanyo Lamps and Hitachi Lamps.



Mitsubishi have just released three new Mitsubishi Projectors. Designed for applications such as large meeting rooms and lectures theatres, as well as other professional uses such as rental and digital signage. The 7000 Series is available in three resolutions XGA (1024 x 768), WXGA (1280 x 800) and WUXGA (1920 x 1200) and offers a high-performance solution at a low cost of ownership.
Based around a long-life, in-organic liquid crystal panel, the 7000 Series offers an impressive light output of up to 6000 Lumens at 2000:1 contrast ratio and benefit from a lamp life of up to 4,000 hours.

  • LCD technology
  • XGA, WXGA, WUXGA resolutions
  • High brightness up to 6000 ANSI
  • Long lamp life up to 4000 hours
  • Dynamic contrast correction
  • Super resolution processing
  • Interchangeable lenses

The 7000 series offer high-performance, versatility and low running costs, and are ideal for large venue applications. The new models share impressive lighting capabilities and high contrast figures for the reproduction of vivid images. This is further complemented by the inclusion of a high performance lens, Natural Colour Matrix and Mitsubishi's Super resolution technology ensuring sharp images and superb clarity. For exceptional projector performance, Mitsubishi incorporates extra-low dispersion glass into its 17-lens,13-cluster structure for greater light transmission efficiency and improved optical accuracy across the entire image. Mitsubishi's new XL7100U, WL7200U and UL7400U projectors feature powered zoom, focus and vertical and horizontal lens shift, so placing an image on a screen is easily done with a touch of a button. Four optional lenses designed in a bayonet mount offer a simple release mechanism, making lens changes quick and easy. Designed with installation flexibility in mind the 7000 series also offers 360-degree projection and geometric warping so images can be created on curved screens or surfaces.

VLT-XL7100LP Mitsubishi Lamp for this projector and have over 5,500 other lamps in stock at any one time. So whether you require a Sanyo Lamp or a Hitachi Lamp then look no further than Simply Lamps for your entire projector lamp needs.


Projectors at the Olympics 08 Jul 2012

Panasonic, one of the Olympic Sponsors, will be supplying various projectors to the London 2012 Olympic Games.

The Japanese company announced provision of the largest amount of audiovisual equipment for any Olympic Games in the company's history, with its high-definition equipment already installed into sporting venues, broadcasting sites and homes in preparation for the world's foremost sporting event.

The opening ceremony will have Panasonic's 20,000 lumens PT-DZ21K and PT-DS20K projectors delivering HD footage for around 80,000 spectators at the Olympic Stadium.22 screens will be projected on by the company's DLP projector range.

Outside of the capital, 21 screens have been positioned in public spaces to broadcast the Games to the nation.

Panasonic, who has recently taken over Sanyo, has a large range of projectors starting from an entry level PT-LX26EA XGA unit. Simply Lamps can supply projector lamps for all makes of projector and have extensive rages of both Panasonic Lamps & Sanyo Lamps.


Diamond Lamps 08 Jun 2012

As projector lamps have to withstand enormous pressure and massive heat to generate the light output required for projected displays, then cutting corners in manufacture can expose your projector to enormous risks. Therefore only install genuine original manufacturer’s lamps & bulbs.

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The lamp itself is a complex mix of chemicals, including mercury, and precision electronics packaged into a sealed glass bulb. The unit is expected to operate at above 8000k (hotter than the sun!) and to withstand high pressure, in excess of 200 bar. The lamp is developed with a high voltage ballast (or driver) and is delivered as a lamp system. This system has been developed working with the projector manufacturers to provide the optimal viewing experience from the projector and the collaboration ensures that the finished product is properly tested and meets stringent quality standards. This care is taken to ensure the lamp will provide high light output, uniform light distribution and a long lamp life.

There are seven original lamp manufacturers: Philips; Osram; Phoenix; Ushio; Iwasaki; Matsushita; Epson. These are companies who work with the projector OEMs to ensure the lamp set-up delivers the optimal performance within the projector setting. They are also the companies who hold Intellectual Property (IP) rights to projector lamp technology. Some companies in SE Asia have created copies of many original lamps and sell them into the replacement market. These copy lamps generally offer lower performance, poor reliability and reduced lifetimes, and in many cases they are breaking patent laws. Original lamp manufacturers – there are seven globally – work closely with projector OEMs to ensure the lamp set-up delivers the optimum performance within the projector setting. Original lamps undergo rigorous testing throughout the manufacturing process to ensure they meet quality and performance standards. Diamond Lamps are one of the main manufacturers of compatible lamps and have a unique set of agreements with original lamp manufacturers to buy their lamps directly, and to fit them into cages for sale in the replacement market. Diamond Lamps manufacture compatible lamps for all major brands including SanyoHitachiPanasonicNEC & Mitsubishi.


Hitachi's New Wide Screen Projector 16 May 2012

Hitachi's compact and lightweight CPWX12WN WXGA Portable projector is perfect for the mobile business professional. Whether it is used in the office or visiting customers, the CPWX12WN combines simple usability with powerful performance enabling users to set up their presentations in seconds.

The extended Hybrid Filter and lamp life means reduced electronic waste and reduced maintenance visits, resulting in an overall reduction in carbon footprint. Reduced power consumption - Less than 0.4W in Standby Mode.

Hitachi is committed towards eco-friendly solutions, using paint-free casing and lower amounts of packaging.

Hitachi LCD Projectors use 3LCD technology to deliver clear, vibrant, true-to-life and consistent images with high color light output. 3LCD Network Projectors offer versatile and embedded networking capabilities for efficient and cost-effective projector management systems. Hitachi makes great efforts to minimize its impact on the environment through eco-friendly designs that contribute to energy saving and CO2 reduction.

This projector has WXGA wide screen resolution (1280 x 800 pixels) with 2600 ANSI Lumens (Normal Mode) brightness and 2000:1 Contrast ratio. Low noise level - 28dB in Eco Mode and Lightweight at only 2.3Kg.

Low Cost of ownership withExtended Hybrid Filter life with up to 5000 hour filter and Long lamp life 5000 Hours (Eco Mode). No additional filter cleaning costs, Easy set up and installation, Power saving mode and Virtually maintenance free.

We carry a full range of Hitachi lamps to fit all Hitachi Projectors and this is also true with other leading projector lamps such as SanyoPanasonicNECEpson & Mitsubishi. Other projectors are available in our projector pages.


Projector Lamps from Hitachi 12 Apr 2012

The projector is used all around the world for many different reasons, they are often seen in schools, businesses and at exhibitions, they are a useful tool for education and training but they can be used where ever needed. One of the key parts of the projector is the projector lamp, Hitachi is a company that develops and creates both projectors and projector lamps of the highest standard. So who are Hitachi? And what makes their products so desirable?

Hitachi was founded in 1910, the aim of the company is to contribute to society through technology. Over the years the world and society have changed hugely, Hitachi has endeavoured to keep up with this rate of change, based on the principles of harmony and sincerity. The current corporate statement from the company is "Inspire the Next", the company aims to continue to meet the expectations of their customers and society in this age when technology is constantly ground breaking.

The company that specialises in projectors and projector lamps also make a range of LCD televisions and digital receivers, they are the electronics specialist. Projectors come in a whole range of different styles today; each one has a different use. One of the very popular models is the Short Throw Projector; this allows the projector to be sited very close to the screen, it excludes shadowing effects and allows greater flexibility for the user. The projector also has enhanced picture quality, added usability and security features, they are fantastic for smaller spaces, they are economically friendly when compared to other projectors and projector lamps and they are also much quieter which is useful if you are working in a confined space.

At Simply Lamps we stock and supply a range of projectors and replacement projector lamps including Sanyo lamps, Hitachi lamps and Sony lamps, so no matter what type of projector you are currently using we will find a replacement bulb for you. We only ever supply genuine projector lamps & projector bulbs sourced direct from the projector manufacturer, so you are guaranteed a genuine quality replacement as we do not trade in copy projector lamps.


Looking for a Projector Lamp? Look no further than Simply Lamps 12 Apr 2012

Are you looking for a projector lamp to replace the one in your current machine? Simply Lamps have a huge selection including Hitachi, Epson and Sanyo lamp parts, so we are confident that you will find a match. We specialise in supplying both education/government and corporate/leisure sectors. Do not fear if your personal projector requires a part however, as we also sell directly to the public! We stock all the main brands of projector lamp including the ever popular Epson eb-x02 and Optoma 2k projector lamps. Simply Lamps have been trading for over 4 years and have accumulated a great deal of practical knowledge in this time, if you have any queries, get in touch with our friendly team, who will handle any questions that you have. We even offer a recycling service for your old projector bulbs and lamps, at no extra cost, when you make a purchase.

One of the main reasons that a projector lamp needs prematurely replacing is that the unit overheats and as such we recommend periodic maintenance of your projector, focusing on the filters and air ducts. This will reduce the chance of overheating, as dust will not be able to accumulate. Another consideration when undertaking projector maintenance is the sourcing of authentic replacement parts. Here at Simply Lamps, we are a member of the "Genuine Projector Lamp Alliance", as we believe that to ensure safety and legality genuine lamps are the only choice. If you buy say a Hitachi lamp, then it makes sense to buy Hitachi replacement parts, as they feature the patents and technologies required to make your projector fully functional. Copy parts cannot be built to the exact specifications, as they do not possess the knowledge base and patents of the manufacturer. While this may seem like a neat marketing tool, the consequences of using an ill designed projector lamp in a branded machine can be dramatic. These products operate at high temperatures and are often used for a prolonged period of time, the implications of using an inferior product in this manner is a potential fire hazard, which in turn contradicts basic health and safety policy and could even invalidate an insurance contract.


New Projectors Available 13 Mar 2012

Hitachi CP-RX93 education & business projector. This unit is a compact and light weight portable system and is the perfect projector for today's mobile professional. It weighs in at only 2.3Kg and the CP-RX93 delivers not only an impressive image but also simple and quiet operation in a modern and compact design.

It also boasts a lamp life of 4000 hours in ECO mode, which reduces total cost of ownership. This projector takes a Hitachi DT01151 replacement projector lamp and these projector lamps are available from our warehouse and are currently very reasonably priced.

Resolution for this unit is XGA (1080 x 768) with a brightness of 2600 Lumens and a 1000:1 contrast ratio. It also comes with an impressive 3 year warranty.

Sadly Sanyo will not be releasing any further projectors, as they were taken over by Panasonic two years ago. However Sanyo Projector Lamps will still be available for a number of years to come. We are waiting for Panasonic, who bought the Sanyo brand recently, to release their new projectors after the Sanyo brand is finaly withdrawn in April 2012.

In the meantime Epson has taken over as the leading projector supplier to education & businss and their latest model the Epson EB-W02 is the best available in its class. If you require WXGA (1200 x 800) resolution and a 3000:1 contrast ratio then this is the projector for you. Projector Lamps for this projector (Lamp number ELPLP67)  last up to 5000 hours in ECO mode and are readily available from our warehouse. More on this projector in future news.


Beware of Copy Lamps 26 Feb 2012

There are three main types of projector lamp that you can purchase. They are the Original Manufacturers’ Lamp, a Genuine Compatible Lamp and finally Copy Lamps.

Original Projector Lamps are normally made by the projector manufacturer such as Sanyo & Hitachi. These are manufactured to very high standards, as you would expect from leading worldwide brands.

Compatible Projector Lamps use the same Original Manufacturers’ Projector Bulb assembled into their own compatible chassis, such as Diamond Lamps. The bulb is manufactured by the same company, such as Philips or Osram who manufactured the lamp for the projector manufacturer. As they use the same bulb then its performance is identical to the original, therefore both lamp life & brightness are identical. However copy lamps are counterfeit or fake lamps often produced in the Far East and likely to give a performance which is far inferior to an original.

Projector Lamps are highly engineered units, manufactured to withstand operating temperatures sometimes hotter than the sun! When fake lamps are made corners have to be cut and so they are not manufactured to the same exacting high standards. This can lead to the lamp exploding in use and so damaging the projector. Often the lamp is not as bright and doesn’t last as long and so buying a copy lamp is generally a false economy. Also your projector warranty is void if you do not use a genuine lamp.

Prices of copy lamps are often low compared to originals however the old adage of “You get what you pay for” is never more true when it comes to buying projector lamps.

Simply Lamps only ever supply Genuine Projector Lamps & Bulbs and are members of the Genuine Lamps alliance. 

Replace your Projector Lamp or Upgrade to a New Projector? 04 Feb 2012

If the time has come for you to replace your projector lamp because it has just failed, maybe it's starting to dim or perhaps the colours are fading, then you might wish to consider upgrading to a new projector.

Although many Sanyo & Hitachi Lamps are reasonably priced, the cost of replacing some projector lamps can be £200 or more. However a brand new projector starts at just £200. Many projectors come with 3 year warranty and some also boast an extended lamp warranty.

We carry all major brands of projectors such as SanyoHitachiEpson & NEC. Our range starts with SVGA projectors with 2200 lumens resolution and include many of the popular HD & 3D ready units. If cost of ownership is a concern we supply the latest led projectors. Casio are pioneers of led units and even though they are more expensive to buy you won't need to replac


Sanyo brand to disappear in April 2012 01 Jan 2012

Panasonic plans to eliminate the Sanyo brand name by April 1st and will badge their range of Sanyo projectors with the Panasonic projector brand. Panasonic has already been absorbing some of the Sanyo technology into their own products throughout 2012, and divesting unwanted Sanyo operations (like washing machines).

The brother-in-law of Panasonic founder, Konosuke Matsushita, founded Sanyo in 1947. In 2008, Panasonic purchased a majority stake in Sanyo for just under $5 billion, and then purchased the rest of the company in 2010.  Sanyo means three oceans in Japanese, referring to the founder's ambition to sell their products worldwide, across the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans.

Although the Sanyo brand name will disappear, Sanyo projector lamps will still be available for many years to come. So if you currently have a Sanyo projector then there will be a Sanyo lamp available for the life of the projector. However if you intend to upgrade your Sanyo projector you’ll have to choose a Panasonic or another brand such as Epson or Hitachi.


Specialist Scientific & Medical Lamps 05 Dec 2011

Simply Lamps are pleased to announce that, along with their range of replacement projector lamps, they are now supplying, by popular demand, various scientific & technical lamps. We supply specialist lamps to many customers including Hospitals, Universities, NHS Trusts, Dentists and Scientific Laboratories. Also as we are members of the Genuine Lamps Alliance we only ever supply genuine lamps from leading manufacturers such as Osram, Perkin Elmer, Philips, Welch Allyn & many more.

To see the full range go to Specialist Lamps or call 0800 043 1871 for more details.


New range of products at the BETT Show 20 Nov 2011

Simply Lamps will again be exhibiting at BETT 2012 in Olympia. Along with a range of Projector Lamps, Projectors & Accessories such as Active Filters & Remote Controls we will also be revealing a new range of products for Scientific & Medical use.

We have been exhibiting at the prestigeous Bett show for the past 4 years and have seen increasing enquiries every year. As this is the last year that Bett will be held in Olympia, before moving to Excel in 2013, we're hoping for record numbers again.

The British Education & Training Technology Exhibition (BETT) is dedicated to showcasing the best in UK and international educational technology products, resources and best practice.

Taking place each January at Olympia in London, BETT attracts more than 600 educational suppliers and around 30,000 visitors. It brings together the global teaching and learning community for four days of innovations and inspirations.

BETT is the world's leading event for educational technology where education professionals can evaluate and purchase a comprehensive range of ICT products and services. From early years to universities, BETT is an indispensable part of the annual knowledge-gathering process, coming at a time when establishments are planning and budgeting for the new school year.

BETT 2012 takes place on 11-14 January 2012, at Olympia in London.

Entry to BETT is free.