Traditional classrooms lack a more modern, AV-orientated classroom. At Simply AVS we think it is important to have new, innovative equipment that helps inspire and engage students. Teachers are limited in the way that they teach and present information to their students because of the lack of tools that an interactive screen would have. We’re here to help! Simply AVS can come to you and install your brand-new interactive screen for you.


Our team have the knowledge and experience to help customers design, select and integrate technology solution and equipment to best meet their needs.


Simply AVS provide an excellent AV installation service, and we can install anything from large equipment like interactive screens, to smaller equipment like projector lamps and projectors. Our installation package is a successful, nation-wide service. We specialise in the installation of AV equipment in environments like classrooms, school halls and museums. The Simply AVS team can offer expert guidance and advice throughout the installation process and can support you with any problems or queries you may have in the installation stage. Our installation engineers are highly experienced and have excellent knowledge of everything AV-related. Simply AVS work closely with carefully chosen professionals that work on our behalf to allow us to offer a fully comprehensive supply and installation service. This installation process is easy and stress-free when our team can fit, install and advice on all AV equipment.

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